Thin Spaces

Hello!  I started this blog to relay stories of God sightings.  I believe He is all around us, and is always trying to break thru our walls of doubt to communicate with us.   It’s so easy to get caught up in negativity and stresses of our day to day lives and forget God is desiring to be a part of it.  

I heard a story about ‘thin spaces’ – areas of the world or circumstances in our lives where God is able to reach thru the veil to touch us.  I think it happens a lot more than we know because people aren’t always aware, or perhaps don’t share their experiences of thin spaces.   I guess when I think about it, it’s not something you would just blab to everyone.  My experiences have been pretty personal, and not necessarily something I would want to share with anyone I thought would try to negate it.

However, I decided I wanted to share my stories, and yours too, if you have any you would like share with me, despite naysayers.  I think we need to share them with others, because we don’t know when our experiences may help someone else, bringing them strength and hope.     

One of my favorite thin spaces is the labyrinth behind the Norbertine Abbey in Green Bay, WI.  For those that are unfamiliar, a prayer labyrinth is a place where you follow a maze like path ‘in’ to the center, and then back out, using the walk to meditate, pray and focus on God.  Whenever I go there to pray, I feel an immediate connection with God. 

Maybe the entire abbey is a thin space.  I am a runner, and  I get a spiritual boost just running past it.  It’s situated on a large piece of land, kind of between two local townships in the greater Green Bay area, and has an access road that runs east to west, connecting two of the main drags.  The land is beautiful, starting on a hill, and declining down almost to the Fox River.  

Besides the old architecture of the abbey, there is a pond, open fields, trees and a prevailing sense of peace.  I love running this route.   I try to time it so I am running thru at 10am when the bells ring.  I pull my ear buds out and feel the sounds of the bells pulse thru me as I run, booming in my ears like my pounding heart.  Then ‘sings my soul’, until the last echo fades and life starts again, normal sounds of cars, birds and the wind in the grass, but my legs are refreshed.   I’m grinning from ear to ear and pray a silent “Thank you” to God, and give him a mental wave of my hand.  I know he has my back as I begin the stretch back home.   


About Sue

Sue - Christian, Writer, Mom, Wife, who likes to have fun by biking, reading, kayaking, hanging out with family and friends, playing with her dogs, and a pile of other stuff. Trying to share her experience, strength and hope with others!
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